Zeppelin Air

Zeppelin Air SpeakersIt’s an iPhone/iPod dock speaker system – or is it?

Technically, thanks to AirPlay compatibility, no device needs to be physically docked on Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air. It’s compatible with a number of devices to allow for a seamless and highly convenient audio experience. Controlling your speakers with your iPad or syncing them with your music library has never been more convenient.

In the looks department, the Zeppelin Air certainly stands apart from convention Now, it’s not a surround sound system and many people have looked at a dock speaker system as an excuse for something bigger and better but audiophiles will appreciate this device in all it’s aspects…sheer sonic quality, beautiful design, convenience, use of technology push into question what you can expect from dock speakers. As with anything in the sonic department, hearing is believing.

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Joos: Organic Raw Fruit Cleanse


A simple recount of your dinner from last night might involve processed meat, over sweetened beverages, or prepared food as an ingredient. We don’t blame you: after all it’s nothing more than a standard modern American meal. Many people are aware of the chemicals and toxins taken into the body, but most don’t have a clue how to get rid of them. Those who are trying to maintain a healthy life style keep an eye on organic labels and calorie counts while they shop, but worrying about every single thing you eat under the stressful work environment and their hectic life schedule could be a daunting task.

Enter Joos, an organic raw vegetable juice cleanse that helps clean the body of toxins, reboot the system, and develop mindfulness. It was founded by a highly successful Wall Street food and beverage analyst who is certified in Ayurvedic medicine. People who are serious about maintaining a healthy lifestyle should their 100% organic, fresh, non-pasteurized fruit and vegetable juices. Each bottle of the fresh-pressed Joos is packed with ten to fourteen types of organic produce, allowing for an abundance of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes; twice the minimum daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.

Taking a cleanse is a big step for many and some worry about the practicality of it with the amount of energy required on a daily basis under their stressful work or social environment. Admittedly, the first few days is always hard and some feel tired and frustrated, or even angry. However, with the support from other cleanse participants, the help of the whole cleanse community, and the encouragement of a designated lifestyle counselor, people get through the process quickly and come out feeling renewed.

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC: Ark, Jaxx, Hoppit, gTar, and TagBrand

TechCrunch DisruptTechCrunch Disrupt NYC ended last week, bringing together the hottest tech startups for a week of new venture presentations, talks with experts, and the anticipated Hackathon and Battlefield competition. TechCrunch is one of the premier web publications to give expert analysis and current news on technology, websites, products and startups. Here we give you a sneak peek into five of the most sizzling of tech companies to be a part of the TechCrunch Disrupt weekend from a couturelitist perspective (in no particular order of how much we love them).


A Battlefield Finalist, Ark is the search engine for a social world. This website lets you search through over one billion people on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Orkut, and more social networking sites to find people you know as well as people you want to know. The search is incredibly more powerful than using a platform like Facebook or Google+ alone, and overcomes the problems of finding people you met briefly and finding people to meet in a new place.
This one’s for the guys. Geared towards men, the Jaxx phone app brings the ability to better communicate with your buddies online. Jaxx brings together features such as group messaging, event invitations, and even scorekeeping of games or challenges you have with your friends (like darts, or golf). You can even leave geonotes for your friends in specific places, which will be revealed when they take their phones, with the Jaxx app, to those spots.

An innovative phone app that acts as your personal concierge to give dining recommendations based on the atmosphere you seek. Ambiences range from ‘Cozy and Quaint’ to ‘Trendy and Chic’ or ‘Classy and Upscale’, and the search, powered by the Place Genome Platform, seems to give pretty accurate results. You can also specify who you are with and find the perfect spot to take friends, a date, or kids. We think it is very user-friendly, but has still to incorporate some search parameters like price, and expand its database of restaurants.

Ever wanted to play an instrument like an expert having never played? Another Battlefield finalist, gTar (“gee-tar”) aims to encourage people who are unfamiliar with how to play a guitar to pick one up, give it a go, and not encounter the epic frustration that often befalls amateur guitarists. The system consists of a special guitar with a place to plug in your phone, and a free phone app. LED frets let you play a tune regardless of experience. gTar offers lots of fun playing around with colors, instrument sounds, and an easy, medium and hard mode of play. The database of songs is ever-growing. gTar does not however promise to make you an expert, and is more of an encouragement towards refining your skills on your own.

Make a brand-in! (Like a check-in on Facebook). We met the TagBrand people and their spiffy website and phone app at Disrupt. This app provides a way for the fashion-conscious to identify the brands of clothes they have seen on the streets, and to share the brands they wear to conduct polls and get votes ( <3’s). You can tag brands on photos directly on your iPhone, and browse what other people are wearing. There are also opportunities to purchase the items you see. This company won TechCrunch’s Startup Battle in Moscow in 2011.

by Richa Bhatnagar

Valentine’s Day Special: Couturelite Must-Have Picks

Burberry Body MistFebruary 14th is just around the corner, and for most of us, this holiday has snuck right up.  If you’re worried about being prepared for whatever unexpected outing may occur, look no further.  For all you couturelitists out there, these are the must-have beauty essentials to make your Valentine’s Day feel extra special.

BODY Mist by Burberry
Introducing the newest member of Burberry’s BODY collection, a lighter version of the already iconic BODY Eau de Parfum.  With its enticing fragrance and alcohol-free formula, this mist is perfect to lightly scent skin and hair before a romantic night on the town.

Burberry has also released their Spring/Summer collection for 2012 which includes 4 new lip covers, 2 lip glows, and a sheer eye shadow in pale barley; all inspired by this season’s Burberry runway collection.

PRIMAVERA Skin Care Products This company takes pride in using the highest amount of certified, organic ingredients available, ensuring that all formulas are pure and wholesome.  PRIMAVERA offers skincare and aromatherapy products with specialized lines for beauty, wellness, and home.  These products all work together synergistically to connect people with the purest joys of nature.  PRIMAVERA offers a wide array of products within each line so there is plenty of variety.  Some products for your special Valentines night could be the lip balm, Revitalizing Rose Pomegranate moisturizer, bath oils, and organic essential air sprays.Skin Authority

Skin Authority
Yet another great skincare line is Skin Authority, one of the fastest growing luxury skin care brands in North America.  These products are found at spas, high-end retailers, and online.  Even celebrities can’t get enough of Skin Authority!  Product categories include anti-aging, acne treatment, sun protection, cleansers, and exfoliators.  This may be just what you need to feel confident in time to snag a Valentines date.

Check out their website for Valentine’s deals, an expert skin analysis, and more: www.skinauthority.com

BOLBACH CuffsBOLBACH French Bracelet Cuffs These luxury accessories are a versatile yet elegantly unique design that will be sure to spice up any outfit.  French bracelet cuffs are extremely fresh in the fashion world, and make a fashion statement like no other.  Set off your date ensemble with a pair of mink and leather cuffs for a stylishly exciting new look. BOLBACH also has lines for men and children, all fresh in style and creativity.

Ira Salles ClutchIra Salles Clutch Beautiful bags like the one pictured here are hand-made by Brazilian designer Ira Salles, who began her career designing for Uma Thurman, Princess Margaret, and NYC Socialites.  All of her bags are constructed by mixing crochet with fine materials like beads and leather, creating a wide range of colorful products that reflect Brazilian culture.  Each one of these authentic clutch purses is only $138 and the perfect way to complete an outfit that will be completely exclusive to you and your elite style.

Whether you choose one, or all five, these must-haves will be sure to spice up your February 14th.   With the Couturelite promise, it is guaranteed that these products are superior, and you deserve to enjoy the finer things in life this Valentines day.

YikeBike: The Way of the Future

YikebikeThe title for this article should be “Yike Bike: A Dream Come True for Those Living in the City”.  If you’ve had to live in the confines of the likes of Manhattan, Boston, San Francisco, etc. parking can be, and usually always is, obscenely expensive.  Enter YikeBike; New Zealand’s import that provides innovative, highly practical, and cost-effective transportation around the most congestive cities in the world…and, well, it’s alot of fun to ride.  For those forward-thinking early adopters that rolled their eyes at the Segway, I can honestly say that, while these aren’t as cool to be on as a Ducati, that’s not the point.

The Yikebike, Folded

The Yikebike, Folded

Costing as little as $0.01 per kilometer (that equates to 2.2 cents/mile), the Yikebike is completely electric and notably efficient, sporting regenerating breaks which help add charge back to the battery as being able to drive at least 6.2 miles on a single charge without optional extended battery packs.  At the end of the day it folds up for easy storage in something as small as a closet or a cubicle.  While the position of the Yikebike rider looks precarious, they are actually remarkably stable, even while handling the ever-present urban hazards of uneven sidewalks, potholes, road debris, etc.  At a top speed of 14.4mph, a short commute over to Newbury St from Fenway Park is nothing.  Yikebikes start at $1995 USD.  They really ought to come with their own Zero Halliburton-esque briefcases.

Yikebike’s official site »

by Drew Walker

Foreverlily: Fragrance with Purpose

In 1999, Beth Nonte Russell made a decision that would forever change her life: she decided to adopt a baby girl, Lily, in China’s Jiangxi Province. Since that life-altering moment, Russell has made the eradication of child abandonment her personal mission, founding the nonprofit Golden Phoenix Foundation and GoodTrueBeautiful, Inc. to support her cause. Most recently, Russell has taken on the Lily House Project, an endeavor to create homes for girls who have or are about to age out of China’s orphanage system. Not only will these “Lily Houses” offer young girls a safe, nurturing environment, but also they will provide opportunities for both education and skills training.

Inspired by Forever Lily, Russell’s heart-rending memoir, GoodTrueBeautiful introduced its first product line, the fragrance foreverlily. Nominated for an acclaimed FIFI Award for its packaging design, foreverlily strives to assist the perfume wearer in opening her heart and reaching for the highest within. With an encompassing Oriental blend, the expressive fragrance boasts a top note dominated by clove and sweet accents of lemon and fresh lychee. In the middle note, the fresh green crispness of fig and the feminine presence of stargazer lily are in perfect equilibrium. Cedarwood, vanilla, amber, and sandalwood in the base note leave a luxurious, lasting impression. No matter the circumstances, foreverlily both instills confidence in its users and ensures a positive contribution towards furthering the cause of worldwide child abandonment.

By: Katie Kim

Ballistic Luggage

Club Glove TRS Ballistic Line

The TRS Ballistic Line by Club Glove featuring INVISTA CORDURA 1050 denier ballistic nylon fabric for oustanding ruggedness

Ballistic luggage” and “ballistic carry-on”… those are phrases you probably don’t want to utter while going through security unless you want a full cavity check – and yet with luggage this intriguing it is tough not to want to talk about it. Made right here in America, Club Glove’s TRS Ballistic Line is made largely from Invista Cordura 1050 denier nylon ballistic fabric, an absolutely ideal material for wear-resistant luggage (up to 4x the tear-resistance compared to other premium fabrics). Ballistic nylon was the body armor material of choice up until Kevlar was developed, a similar material to ballistic nylon, and was often used in flak jackets and to reinforce tires in military vehicles; it has a long proven history for durability.

As a set (full-size check-in bag, a carry-on, and a mid-size bag), the line goes for approximately $1,495 but each item is available separately. Ballistic material aside, the TRS Ballistic line is not a one-trick pony. While, yes, it is rugged, this line is made for the devout traveler that puts serious demands on their luggage and needs to make it to the hotel at the end of a long flight. As a particular point of interest, this line features Club Glove’s Train Reaction™ system which dramatically reduces effort needed to pull or push gear by creating the perfect center of gravity to generate a sense of weightlessness – coupled with the ultra-durable ballistic fabric and the fact that this line is designed to be connected with Club Glove’s golf travel bags, this allows for incredible versatility in a luggage line. While it is marketing with the PGA in mind, lets look at this for exactly what it is: well engineered luggage, and nothing less.

Let’s also not underestimate that, although black, it looks distinguished enough so as not to completely blend in with the rest of the black bags coming off the baggage claim carousel.

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Upton Tea Imports: Perfection For the Tea Enthusiast

Founded in 1989, Upton Tea Imports strives to provide North American tea drinkers with the finest teas available. The Massachusetts-based company procures teas from only the most reputable brokers and estates worldwide, guaranteeing the delivery of the crème de la crème of teas to consumers. With over 420 varieties of loose tea, Upton Tea Imports ensures the freshest products and fairest pricing by selling directly to customers, earning the highest levels of recognition and respect from tea lovers across the continent. Offering both unrivaled quality and service, Upton Tea Imports demonstrates an unwavering commitment to providing an extensive selection of superior teas at fair prices.

Upton Tea Imports presents tea enthusiasts with an inconceivable variety of teas from all over the world. Whether customers are seeking black teas or green teas, they succeed in discovering their tea of choice at Upton Tea Imports. When tea drinkers are seeking fruit flavored teas, many turn to TF91 Vanilla Tea. Crafted for Upton Tea Imports by one of the most respected tea houses in the European Union, the whole-leaf black tea base boasts pieces of genuine bourbon vanilla. Sensational iced or hot and enjoyable day or night, the vanilla tea produces a wonderful aroma without overwhelming the palate. On the other hand, Ceylon enthusiasts purchase TC85 Kenilworth Estate OP, a full-bodied, smooth black tea. This estate produces some of the best whole-leaf teas in Sri Lanka, which Upton Tea Imports makes available to its patrons. Wonderful with or without milk, the Ceylon tea redefines the classic tea flavor and is best enjoyed when steeped for five to six minutes.

By: Katie Kim

Cilea Lash Boosts Lashes & Confidence

June 3, 2011- Launched in 2009, Cilea™ Lash stimulates eyelash growth, transforming not only the appearance of eyelashes but also the confidence of women. Clinical trial results indicate that participants experienced up to an 83% increase in eyelash fullness and density in just four weeks-with no side effects. In addition to boasting an affordable price, the unrivaled eyelash growth stimulator does not require a doctor’s prescription, rendering Cilea Lash accessible to any woman who wants to improve the appearance of her eyelashes.

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson can attest to the miraculous powers of the eyelash growth stimulator.

With more vitamins and proteins and fewer fillers than competitors, Cilea Lash boosts hydration, stimulates hair growth, and strengthens the eyelashes without causing the irritation or damage that can occur with the long-term use of other lash enhancers. Its exclusive blend of luxurious, all-natural ingredients, like pumpkin, pomegranate, and white tea, promotes health benefits while strengthening the junction where eyelashes grow out to increase the growth cycle and hold eyelashes in place longer. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson can attest to the miraculous powers of the eyelash growth stimulator. A brand ambassador and major advocate of the product, Gunvalson praises Cilea Lash’s effectiveness and transformative results, as well as its safety.

By: Katie Kim

Technology Meets Luxury: Makeup for Younger Looking Skin

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores HD Micro-Powder wwith Heavenly Luxe Brush June 1, 2011- Launched in 2008, IT Cosmetics fuses unprecedented, anti-aging technology with luxury beauty products, creating high performance solutions to cosmetic problems. Working hand in hand with leading plastic surgeons in Brazil, IT Cosmetics has created more than 35 products, ranging from anti-aging eyeshadow palettes to pore-eliminating micro-finishing powder, to make women look and feel flawless. The award-winning brand has been featured in over 200 media publications and television features, like Allure and the TODAY show, highlighted for its transformation of beauty innovation and efficacy. With products revolutionizing the effects of makeup, IT Cosmetics wields exceptional, potent formulas to reveal the beauty of women and combat cosmetic problems previously regarded as unresolvable.

A new standard in luxury makeup, IT Cosmetics boasts an unparalleled breadth of beauty products and solutions. The brand’s Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush™, an all-over 100% cruelty-free powder brush, delivers flawless, airbrushed application. This brush, unrivaled in its quality and feel, can be used to to apply another one of IT Cosmetics’ products, Bye Bye Pores™, an anti-aging HD micro-finishing powder. Infused with hydrolyzed collagen and real silk, the cutting-edge powder conceals pores, fine lines, and imperfections, yielding an endless matte, airbrushed look. Just as groundbreaking, IT Cosmetics’ Brow Power™ uses GrowLuxe™ Technology to target brow hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. The universal, anti-aging eyebrow pencil transforms and adjusts to all brow hair colors, rendering the product the finest, available tool for natural looking brows. IT Cosmetics’ groundbreaking products reveal the most beautiful version of every woman, inside and out.

For more information visit www.itcosmetics.com

By: Katie Kim

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