Urwerk’s 201 Series and Zeit Device

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Urwerk 201

With telescopic minute hands, the odometer-like Linear 100 Year Plus Indicator to keep track of how many years the movement has been in operation, and a truly innovative, eye-catching feel, Urwerk’s 201 Series needs to be on the must-have list of any serious watch collector. With a price tag starting from $100,000, the workmanship and innovation of Urwerk’s 201 Series is self-evident.

While we liked the 201 Series, our imaginations were captured by the UR-1001 Zeit Device. Futuristic design collides masterfully here with intricate mechanisms, precision, and modern sophistication in a complete, perfect package that truly speaks for itself. The Urwerk’s Zeit Device boasts 10 complications and indications -many of which are Urwerk’s exclusive features.

Urwerk Zeit Device UR 1001

Urwerk Zeit Device UR 1001

For more information, visit Urwerk’s official site.

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