Two Manhattan Hotels You Need to Know About

New York is a great destination year around, from wonderful strolls around the city to visiting a treasure trove of museums and restaurants or shopping for that special someone, the city has it all. Of course with so many visitors there are hotels almost everywhere, but choosing the perfect hotel to compliment your trip is challenging with so many potentials. We take a look at two great hotels who are bringing a great twist on regular lodging and receiving rave reviews in the process.

The Library Hotel – Midtown
There is a great feeling when you find a quiet, inviting corner of your favorite library. Now imagine furniture made of supple leather, fine appointments, hors d’ouerves and after a long day you can rest in a luxurious room. The Library Hotel has taken this concept and ran with it. Located in a prime location in New York City, it shares the name with Library Way which of course leads to the New York Public Library and on to the charming Bryant Park.

The Library Hotel provides a respite in style from the hustle and bustle of midtown New York. The design focuses much on the literature theme and collections of books ingrain a deep feel of culture and comfort. The hotel uses a unique way of organizing its rooms based of course on the Dewey Classification System we all were introduced to as kids while visiting a library. Each floor has its own subject theme. Fifth floor is listed under 500s, the Sciences floors. Each room equally shares in the theme with such room names as Mathematics and Botany. With six thousand books spread around the different rooms of the hotel, each rooms contains a collection complementing its theme. During the day the Garden or Writer’s Den on the 14th floor serve as a great place to enjoy breakfast or kick back under the sun. In the evening the Bookmarks Lounge keeps the guests satisfied with signature cocktails such as the Capote and the Great Gatsby. Of course if you would like this wonderful area and the view all to yourself it can be booked for private events.

The Library Hotel combines charm and class with a great theme, all steeped in luxury. It is a fantastic place to unwind while on business or serve as your base to explore the wonders of the Big Apple.

The Nolitan Hotel - Little Italy

If you want to explore New York’s truly local culture, shop in SoHo, eat in Little Itally and explore the Lower East side then the Nolitan is a great place to stay, in fact it is a destination all on its own.

Nolita is the New York name for the neighborhood know as North of Little Italy. A homey part of town where family delis, little restaurants and corner bars still reign. In fact, it is quite a surprise to find such a large and polished hotel in this area and that’s what the Nolitan prides itself on, being an innovator and tying into the locale. The Nolitan Hotel is centrally located in downtown Manhattan and is within walking distance to many other New York landmarks and  neighborhoods such as SoHo, Tribeca, Little Italy, East Village, and New York City’s Lower East Side.

From the moment you walk off of the street and into the zen of the hotel, you feel that this place is something special. The lobby is very modern and sharp while so inviting to a visitor that it’s hard not to sit down with a bottle of wine while the sun goes down on the city. This design style permeates to the hotel rooms which are such a great mix of warmth and creativity it makes you want to reside there. The view, whether enjoyed from the bedroom, on the balcony or the roof top deck, is one of a kind. It combines the local feel of the neighborhood with the towering sky scrapers ubiquitous with the city of New York.

The service at the Nolitan is top notch and personal. If you enjoy some fun during you stay the hotel will power you up with a personal Ipad to relax with or a Playstation and Xbox to kick back and unwind. Staying inside too much of a drag then hop onto one of the bicycles or skateboards the hotel provides to all guests. Even your furry friends are welcoming to enjoy the lavish treatment. If you want to explore New York’s truly local culture, shop in SoHo, eat in Little Itally and explore the Lower East side then the Nolitan is a great place to stay, in fact it is a destination all on its own.

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