Lot18: The Area 51 of Wine

Lot 18

June 1, 2011- Wine has a best-kept secret. Only 5% of the $30 billion-a-year US wine industry occurs online. Lot18 is changing that, and this is where it get’s interesting. Lot18’s direct producer-to-consumer model means you’re not buying from a warehouse or overstock, but directly from the winemakers and at an incredible discount – but you have to be an invited member. To be sure you’re getting the info from the right source, James is not only an Oxford-educated entrepreneur, but an acclaimed adventurer who has raced across the Atlantic, and climbed Mount Everest! He’s the personification of the guy you want whispering hints in your ear about what to buy when, from whom, for what occasion and at what price. And all that expertise is available with an exclusive Couturelite invitation to Lot18.

The model leads to discovery of new wines, a high-end experience and the vineyard experience at your desk: with unique content including thorough tastings and reviews by a seasoned procurement team, wine maker interviews and pairing suggestions.

Lot18’s founder Philip James, also behind the leading online wine destination, Snooth.com, can give your readers anything they need to know about wine (and more) – whether they’re aficionados or used to buying based on the picture on a label. More than that, Lot18 can be the go-to wine expert friend who not only knows the good stuff – but can get it to you for a fraction of the cost.

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By Drew Walker

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