Korean Chicken: Mono Mono of East Village

Mono MonoMono Mono, a place that takes the sumptuous though rather ordinary food and turns up the notch on class and creativity – it is this sense that permeates the chic and striking interior, thereby creating a distinct ambiance.

The East Village location where the restaurant has resided from the past seven months, after making its name in Koreatown, is finished in a artistic style, with sleek Asian touches. It is part Clockwork Orange and very music centric. The restaurant proudly features a collection of over 30,000 vinyl records, filling up a large, expansive wall. The records are delivered to a DJ booth overhanging the restaurant patrons on a fanciful conveyor system stretched throughout their location.

The food is no less dazzling. Here the chicken wings, whether in soy garlic or hot and spicy, are the main draw. They are light, with a crispy skin and brimming with flavor thanks to a time-consuming process. That said, we would be remiss to stop there because the real delights can be found throughout Mono Mono’s strong menu lineup. The Nok-du Pajeon, Korean green bean pancakes, are a real delight — these are light and yet full of texture and flavor. They ground on-location in a traditional Korean process using organic beans. The crispy chicken bun was a left-field surprise. The bun was very flavorful and pulled together a great clean bite. Finish off your meal with their froyo, a distinct, creamy take on a summer snack that has taken over the area. No visit is complete without trying one of the countless soju drinks that Mono Mono prides itself with. They have stronger more spirited versions and also lighter variants as well. Try the samplers, there are many great flavors, but I would settle down with a whimsical bottle of the passion mint.

Mono Mono offers top rate culinary delights in an dream-scape environment that transforms a great meal into a impressive experience.

By: Igor Bratnikov

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